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About KAL

Leading the way in the evolving ATM Channel

About KAL

KAL are the world leaders in ATM software - an …

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Multivendor ATM software - the most cost effective appro…

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About KAL Products

KAL products manage and control ATM networks with…

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Why KAL?

Take back control of your ATM network

Bank CEO Control

Enabling Banks to move customer transactions from…

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Cost Reduction

KAL Software can significantly lower the overall costs of ru…

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KAL software supports global security standards and…

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ATM Software Flexibility

KAL software allows banks to quickly react to changes needed…

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Managing ATM Networks

KAL ATM management software provides the visibility and cont…

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Personalize the ATM Experience

KAL software enables Banks to tailor the ATM experience to e…

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The ATM as a Marketing Tool

KAL software enables banks to engage with ATM customers at t…

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ATM Trends

Industry trends in the ATM channel


The most important emerging trends in the ATM channel.…

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Exciting innovations in the ATM channel and their effect.

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KAL Customers and Partners

KAL Customers and Partners


KAL software is used by the world's leading national a…

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Global Reach

KAL operates 4 major locations to deliver global customer su…

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KAL is committed to a strong Partner network has more than 8…

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Case Study : Innovation

Innovations in the ATM channel…

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Case Study : Cash Recycling

ATM cash recycling in Japan…

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Case Study : ATM Software Security

Eliminating ATM card fraud…

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About KAL Products

KAL products manage and control ATM networks with software that runs inside the ATM and outside the ATM.

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Industry Presentations

ATM 2010 Software Trends – ATMIA 2010

Dr Aravinda Korala presents the key insights and finding...

Runtime : 24.07 mins

ATM 2011 Software Trends – European ATMs

Latest industry leading research reveals...

Runtime : 09.35 mins

GITEX Technology Week 2011

Aravinda Korala, CEO, shares the latest KAL news.

Runtime : 02.15 mins


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