KAL ATM software products

KAL's software product suite comprises three product families - Platforms, Applications and Management Servers.

  • The Platform family provides the foundation for developing custom applications for ATMs, kiosks and branch teller stations.
  • The Application family provides complete ATM functionality and can be modified and extended by banks and KAL partners.
  • The Management Server family offers a complete remote management solution.

Best of breed ATM systems

KAL has extensive experience in designing best of breed ATM systems. The Kalignite Software Suite integrates with and controls ATM networks that vary widely in complexity, size and location – from banks with just a small number of ATMs to huge banks with global operations and thousands of ATMs in multiple countries.

Learn more about the KAL software suite at KALvideo


Kalignite Software Platform

At the core of all Kalignite solutions is the Kalignite Software Platform. Built on the XFS standard and available for Windows 8, Windows 7 and XP, it provides the developer with everything needed to create functionally-rich, robust applications for ATMs and kiosk systems.

Kalignite Software Platform for Branch Teller

KAL has adapted its world-leading ATM software platform to produce a platform for Branch Teller applications. Using the same proven Kalignite Platform components and the well-established Kalignite architecture, it makes the multi-channel delivery of banking transactions a reality.


K3A-Kalignite Advanced ATM Application

K3A is KAL's multi-protocol, multi-vendor ATM application. K3A is one of the world's first "managed-code" multi-vendor ATM applications, and supports NDC, ISO 8583, IFX and a number of proprietary protocols.

Kalignite NDC Application

The Kalignite NDC application is a drop-in solution that upgrades your NDC network to the newest generation of multi-vendor NDC technology. It provides added features, transactions and services for customers while retaining the existing NDC infrastructure. Kalignite NDC is unique in that it is both multi-vendor compliant and provides a "full emulation" of the NDC specification.

Management Servers

KTC - Kalignite Terminal Controller

KTC is a server solution that provides an extensive set of ATM management features integrated together, that would otherwise require a number of separate systems. KTC provides secure management directly to every ATM or kiosk in the network.