Software Platforms

Kalignite Software Platform

At the core of all Kalignite solutions is the Kalignite Software Platform. Built on the XFS standard and available for Windows 8, Windows 7 and XP, it provides the developer with everything needed to create functionally-rich, robust applications for ATMs and kiosk systems.

Kalignite EMV Kernel

EMV is a mandatory requirement in many countries and the Kalignite EMV Kernel provides the software features needed for "chip and pin" transactions. The Kalignite EMV Kernel is a subsystem that extends the Kalignite Platform product.

Kalignite Software Platform for Branch Teller

KAL has adapted its world-leading ATM software platform to produce a platform for Branch Teller applications. Using the same proven Kalignite Platform components and the well-established Kalignite architecture, it makes the multi-channel delivery of banking transactions a reality.