K3A-Kalignite Advanced ATM Application

KAL’s K3A (Advanced ATM Application) is a multi-protocol, multi-vendor, multi-country ATM application which provides a full set of pre-built and certified ATM transactions. It enables the Bank to carry out its own application customization using the integrated K3A Design Studio. Banks can significantly reduce the cost of development, maintenance and support by deploying K3A. Learn more about K3A from the case studies and applications on KALvideo.

K3A is the world’s gold standard for ATM software and provides a solution for banks of all sizes – from those with small ATM networks to global banks operating vast ATM networks spanning multiple countries and languages. The powerful K3A development environment is a key reason why K3A can minimize the time-to-market for deploying new functionality. K3A includes support for an extended feature set including: bunch note and bunch check acceptance, image check deposits, targeted one-to-one marketing, customer transaction preferences and integration with web services, as well as of course all standard ATM functionality.

The K3A Design Studio is a full featured, integrated development environment providing easy-to-use access to all application development tools and components.
• K3A is delivered with a standard set of pre-built and certified Customer Transactions, Supervisor Application functions and Host Connectivity objects supporting all standard and advanced ATM transactions.
• K3A is highly configurable which means that most changes in application functionality can be quickly accomplished by changing configuration settings or parameters.
• Developed on the robust foundations of the Kalignite Software Platform, K3A is fully multi-vendor and can be run on ATMs from over 40 ATM manufacturers