Kalignite NDC Application

Business Challenge

NDC is one of the most widely used ATM communication protocols. Employing a mechanism of states and screens, it places the ATM under a high degree of control of the host computer with each transaction carefully 'managed' by the host-based application. This method of processing ATM transactions has served the banking industry well for the past two decades.

Business Need

  • Retain existing NDC host infrastructure
  • Provide new features, transactions and services to customers
  • Deploy NDC solutions to multi-vendor networks
  • Establish start of next-generation migration pathway

KAL's Solution

Kalignite NDC is a complete ATM application capable of supporting all legacy transactions with an existing NDC host infrastructure. It is web-enabled allowing advertising and CRM content to be easily 'overlaid' onto the fixed NDC screens. Additionally, OEMs can extend and customize the application themselves to suit their specific requirements.

The application is capable of diverting from the normal flow of NDC into new and advanced services and transactions such as mobile phone top up, ticketing, reservations and other e-commerce features. Using web technology, these transactions interact with alternative hosts and web servers.

Where NDC hosts have been customized from 'standard NDC', Kalignite NDC can be similarly customized to fit with the new protocol variants. All Kalignite Applications are built on the Kalignite Software Platform, and are therefore fully capable of running on any ATM hardware from any vendor.

Kalignite NDC is available now for rapid deployment with minimal effort.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with existing NDC host infrastructure
  • Rapid deployment to multi-vendor networks
  • Run NDC on any ATM (NCR or non-NCR) with a single application
  • Customizable for addition of new services and transactions
  • Web-enabled for introduction of additional CRM and other content
  • Fully multi-vendor capable and completely integrated with all major ATM vendors