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ATMIA paper recommends migration to Windows 10

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) is recommending that financial institutions should start planning for the eventual migration of their ATM estates from Windows 7 directly to Windows 10.  

That was the view outlined in a recent paper from ATMIA, which recommends that ATM owners should be prepared to migrate as soon as the new operating system is available for their ATMs. The recommendation is made in light of the challenges encountered by the ATM industry in the recent migration from Windows XP to Windows 7. Also, the suggested migration path is offered with an eye toward the year 2020 which is the year for the expiration of support for Windows 7.

Key advantages of migration directly to Windows 10 include: 

  • Increased protection against malware and other forms of cyber-attack
  • Support for the Microsoft philosophy of one system for all types of devices
  • Overcoming previous disadvantages of earlier versions of Windows
  • Windows 10 will have periodic updates, like service packs, which will increase its lifespan

There is an on-demand version of a webinar from KAL and ATMIA called “The Roadmap to Windows 10 OS for ATMs”. The webinar outlines the key dates and details banks need to consider in order to manage migration costs and to mitigate risks associated with the migration. Watch here.

Read the full paper by clicking here.

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