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ATMIA warns about Internet Explorer and .NET framework expiry announcement

Hundreds of thousands of ATMs across the world are expected to be affected by Microsoft’s decision to end support for Internet Explorer versions 11 and lower, as well as all versions of the  .NET framework except 3.5SP1 and 4.5.2.

A deadline of January 12, 2016, has been set and this has prompted ATMIA to issue an alert to all members warning of the potential ramifications. ATMIA CEO, Mike Lee, said: “Most ATM deployers in the world need to plan ahead to prepare for this change as unsupported components can lead to PCI non-compliance.” 

Meanwhile, KAL EVP, Steve Hensley, added: “It is vital that ATM deployers prepare as far in advance as possible and migrate to the latest Microsoft .NET and Internet Explorer releases. This is yet another example underlining the need for ATM software to be readily adaptable to a constantly changing environment.”

Beyond the January 12 deadline, only two versions of the .NET framework will be supported. While 3.5SP1 will be supported past January 2016 on some Windows systems (but not Windows 7 professional), 4.5.2 will be supported on most relevant Windows operating systems including Windows 7 professional.

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