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Belltech hails long-term partnership with KAL

Belltech, a Chilean technology solutions company, has spoken to national newspaper Especial Autoservicio El Mercurio about its long-term business relationship with KAL and why it is delighted to work with the ATM software firm.

Mario Gaete Jigins, Sales Manager of Electronic Channels at Belltech, said KAL’s ATM software solutions deliver a much faster time to market for its clients thanks to its modern development architecture and toolset.

He also singled out KAL’s KTC management system for providing its banking customers with immediate, real-time access to information needed to effectively manage and monitor their ATMs. In addition, he highlighted KAL’s newest product offering, the Kalignite Terminal Handler, which he described as “highly customizable” for driving ATM transactions.

Gaete added that security was an integral part of KAL’s entire software suite, making it very attractive to Belltech customers.

“The platform is built with PCI standards that protect the sensitive data of the clients, for example, it avoids the recovery of information that allows to recreate encryption keys and data of their credit cards. It also has access controls, information encryption and protection against malware,” he said.

Belltech is focused on the design, implementation and support of advanced communications, self-service systems and automation for retail, banking and corporate markets.

The article, which you can read in full here, was published in the March edition of Especial Autoservicio El Mercurio.

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