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Coles innovates at the ATM with KAL ATM Software

An Australian retail giant is using KAL software to drive an innovative new approach to product promotions to ATM users. Coles, the leading Australian supermarket chain, is offering customers discount coupons for store products with each ATM transaction. Customers are presented with a range of special product offers at the ATM and a coupon is instantly printed upon selection.

In each case, the value of the coupon when redeemed is worth more than the associated ATM charges, encouraging more in-store ATM usage. Presently, coupon offers include discounts on phone bills, music, food, and drink.

The positive reception by consumers from this first deployment is causing Coles to consider extending the offers to more products at more Coles’ locations.

While the idea is initially being piloted in Australian gasoline service stations, the same concept offers huge opportunities for banks in terms of marketing bank products in a way that improves the overall customer experience at ATMs.

KAL’s ATM Software suite was chosen by Customers Ltd to run Coles’ ATMs and deliver the coupon functionality in addition to ATM transactions. The success of this innovative development has prompted widespread acclaim from customers and industry commentators alike.

Steve Hensley, EVP of Sales at KAL, said: “The feedback has been excellent so far and we’re hopeful it will be extended to the entire Coles ATM network in stores across the country.

“We hope banks will apply this same concept of offering their products and services through their ATMs. ATMs provide a huge opportunity to innovate and promote bank products and services directly to their customers.”

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