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KAL and EVO Payments’ innovative ATM service is showcased in Business Trends Magazine

hat happens when a world-class ATM software company joins forces with a leading global payments technology and services provider? Unrivalled knowledge, innovation and efficiency in ATM deployment are just a few of the achievements reviewed in the 103rd edition of Business Trends Magazine. 

The strategic partnership between KAL and EVO Payments was first announced in July 2021 – with the launch of a game-changing ATM service available throughout Europe. This breakthrough was made possible by combining KAL’s market-leading Kalignite software suite with EVO’s best-in-class payments infrastructure. By supporting the rapid and efficient deployment of ATMs in any European location, the partnership places banks, independent ATM deployers (IADs) and customers front of mind. 

It also pools together sought-after talent and industry expertise – allowing KAL and EVO to provide an all-in-one solution that transforms the ATM network setup process.

For more details, please read the full story in Business Trends Magazine.