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KAL and nexo at the forefront of the first universal ATM messaging standard

The first set of universal standards related to the processing and management of ATMs has been released on the official website of the Registration Authority of ISO 20022.

ISO 20022 is an international standard for the exchange of transaction messages to the worldwide financial industry. The new specification is set to benefit all stakeholders of the ATM industry, including banks, manufacturers, software providers and deployers. In particular, the creation of one global standard offers huge opportunities for banks to cut costs by eliminating the need to support multiple protocols across countries.

The announcement was made by nexo and the Interactive Financial eXchange (IFX) organisations following intensive collaboration between the two organisations. The organisation nexo is focused on the establishment of a series of global messaging standards for payment cards including the ATM-to-host message protocol.

KAL CEO, Aravinda Korala, said: “nexo’s first open, interoperable universal standard for ATMs is a critical initiative for the advancement of our industry and will benefit all stakeholders in the ATM industry significantly. We are proud to be an active member of the nexo committee and working at the forefront of the movement towards the standardisation of ATM networks.”

Benefits of the new ATM protocol for banks, manufacturers, software providers and deployers:

  • Universal ISO-based messaging standard
  • Non-proprietary common protocol
  • Harmonised and standardised messages / processes
  • Increased ability to manage ATMs from different suppliers
  • Easy access to value added services and functionalities

About nexo

nexo, formerly EPASOrg, is an international non-profit organisation with a mission to ensure the interoperability between card acceptance and acquiring solutions, integrated retail and terminal management systems as well as ATM operations through the delivery of universal standards. nexo has been the very first organisation to design and develop ISO 20022 messages for card payments and ATM operations giving the association in-depth expertise in the delivery of universal standard messages.


About IFX Forum

The IFX Forum is an international non-profit industry association whose mission is to develop and promote the adoption of open, interoperable standards for financial data exchange. It actively engages in international standards activity and is also playing a leadership role in the Remittance Coalition set up by the US Federal Reserve.



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