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KAL and Sigma team up to deliver a new generation of self-service ATMs

KAL has partnered with cash automation technology company Sigma to deliver a new generation of self-service ATMs to bank customers in Europe.

KAL software now supports Sigma’s Assisted Self-Service machine to meet the growing demand for increased automation of banking transactions as bank branches close and banks move to optimize space. One of KAL’s banking customer’s has successfully installed Sigma’s Self Service Banking Multifunction Machines (SR1000) as part of its branch transformation initiative in a huge project involving a large number of installations.

The Sigma SR1000 with KAL ATM Software provides bank customers with a complete set of banking transactions previously done over the teller counter, including cash withdrawal and deposit (notes and coins), check deposit, bill payment, foreign exchange and money transfer.

Steve Hensley, Executive Vice President for Global Sales at KAL, believes that the integration of KAL software with Sigma’s new technologies provides banks with the tools they need to address their future transaction automation requirements. He said: “Globally, banks are reducing their number of bank branches and staff, but, at the same time, they need to deliver a very high level of customer service. KAL’s work with Sigma helps banks meet this need by delivering best-of-breed self-service technology.”

Fabio Buratti, Banking Division Sales Manager at Sigma, believes that banking automation will only continue to increase, and Sigma is ready to fulfill customer needs. He said: “Sigma has always been focused on creating advantages for its customers, offering suitable solutions to cost-efficiency issues and proposing new ways of operating in banking. With Sigma’s SR1000, our customers have entered a new era in banking.”

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