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KAL expands support for advanced banking self-service systems

KAL ATM Software now supports a new generation of self-service ATMs that are currently being used in bank branch transformation projects to deliver all of the traditional bank transactions, as well as newly expanded services.

Banks are increasingly reliant on self-service machines to maintain the high level of personalized service customers have become accustomed to at traditional branches. These machines have been developed in response to a global demand for the automation of banking transactions that have been traditionally done ‘over the counter’ by bank tellers.

Next generation self-service technologies support core functionalities such as bank note recycling, coin handling, check processing, video, and NFC capability.

In addition to standard ATM banking transactions, such as cash withdrawal and deposit, the new self-service ATMs offer additional services like check deposit, bill payment, foreign exchange and money transfer. Support for ‘assisted self-service’ gives bank customers the confidence to perform transactions on their own, aware that one-to-one teller support is always readily available.

KAL customers can choose the best, most advanced self-service technology from a variety of vendors and be safe in the knowledge that KAL ATM Software can fully support these new, advanced machines. Using KAL ATM Software, banks can provide a consistent and seamless customer experience across all types of self-service devices and significantly improve the speed of the transactions resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

In recent branch transformation projects, KAL customers incorporated the following systems:

  • Sigma: Self Service Banking Multifunction Machine SR1000
  • Arca: myTeller

These new, highly advanced self-service systems have become vital in order to serve bank customers in the wake of a flood of bank branch closures around the world. These new systems add to KAL’s world-leading support of over 40 ATM manufacturers and more than 260 models.

KAL ATM Software guarantees that banks can deploy the most cost-effective and useful self-service devices selected from any vendor to meet their unique market requirements.

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