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KAL explains the importance of the new XFS4IoT standard – watch the video on-demand now

It may seem that 
cryptographic keys give the 
ATM industry’s latest XFS standard a somewhat mysterious quality. However, KAL experts were on hand at BankSec 2021 to demystify the intricacies of XFS4IoT and to outline its many benefits. Unlike the third edition of the XFS standard, XFS4IoT is cloud-native and works on any operating system (i.e., Windows, Linux, Android, etc.). It is set to revolutionize the industry with built-in end-to-end security that banks can rely on in an increasingly volatile world.  

Hosted by RBR, BankSec is a renowned annual conference that is dedicated to physical, logical and cybersecurity in the banking industry. Alongside being a proud sponsor of BankSec 2021, KAL delivered a compelling presentation on Tuesday the 30th of November. Led by CEO Aravinda Korala and Senior Software Architect Kit Patterson, the 25-minute session detailed the security prospects of XFS4IoT and reflected on some of the milestones in the journey to publishing.  

The recording of this presentation is now available to watch on-demand with the kind permission of RBR. It is a must-watch resource for banks who want to prepare their ATM network for an IoT era where anything is possible. 

Viewers can expect:

  • A brief overview of XFS and its development timeline
  • An introduction to XFS4IoT and its unique advantages
  • Insights about the built-in end-to-end security and how it works
  • A revealing Q&A session led by RBR’s Managing Director Dominic Hirsch

It also features updates on XFS4Iot SP-Dev– KAL’s free, open-source development framework for creating XFS SP services for ATMs.

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