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KAL is publishing free, open source XFS SP framework for ATMs

In an exciting first for the ATM industry, KAL is delighted to announce that we are publishing a new, free and open source development framework for creating XFS Service Provider (SP) services for ATMs.

KAL’s XFS4IoT SP-Dev is an open source implementation of the revolutionary new XFS version 4 global standard. It is ready for the IoT era and paves the way for a cloud-based, secure, OS-agnostic ATM industry.

This pioneering framework will enable hardware manufacturers and vendors to quickly create XFS4IoT SPs and offers numerous benefits. As well as being OS-agnostic, it is multivendor and works with hardware from multiple vendors, providing banks with greater choice, enhanced security and lower costs.

Hardware and software vendors, test software suppliers and application developers are all invited to join a working group to help develop the new framework, which will be available under the MIT open source license.

Find out more here about this exciting new project and how you can get involved in shaping the ground-breaking XFS4IoT SP-Dev framework.

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