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KAL launches RTM in Indonesia

KAL recently showcased its revolutionary cashless ATM, the Retail Teller Machine (RTM) at the Indonesia RTM launch event in Jakarta.

Aravinda Korala, KAL CEO, Steve Hensley, KAL Global EVP of Sales, and Michel Denis, KAL’s Director of Engineering, presented to the country’s most influential banking professionals at two special events in Jakarta on February 18 and February 20.

Speaking at the first event, which was specifically organised for the country’s top seven banks, British Ambassador Mark Canning said “The UK is a leader in financial services, technology and innovation. I am very proud to see a British technology leader like KAL introduce the RTM, which offers so much potential for Indonesia, one of our most important partners.”

Operating at a tenth of the cost of an ATM, the RTM has the scope to transform branchless banking in Indonesia by allowing banks to open up their services to more areas than ever before. The self-serve terminals can offer a full range of banking services meaning even those in the most rural areas can access everything they need, including video conferencing with a banking employee.


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