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KAL Opinion - What every Bank CEO should know about their ATM network


Every bank CEO knows that bank branches are an expensive way of servicing its customers. However, banks have been reluctant to move customers away from the branch to alternative channels suchas the ATM and risk losing the all-important customer “touch” opportunity. The increasing sophistication of the ATM though now enables the Bank CEO to have it both ways – reduce cost and provide a personalized service at the same time. How is that possible?

The technology that helps perform this trick is CRM-at-the-ATM. CRM enabled ATMs allow each transaction to be personalized to the individual customer based on the customer’s own preferences as well as the bank’s knowledge of that customer. This means that the Bank can deal with millions of customers individually as well as in an accurate, planned and structured manner - a much safer andreproducible option than relying on branch staff to do so. And of course the CRM-ATMdoubles-up as a one-to-one sales tool too.

KAL’s CRM-enabled ATM software allows banks to transform their ATM network into personalized transaction machines treating each person as an individual, and giving the Bank CEO the confidence to achieve cost reduction at the branch without losing the customer relationship.

Oncethe Bank embarks down this road, KAL can make a further big reduction to thebanks transaction costs. Not only can Kalignite-powered ATMs deliver personalized cash transactions at low cost, KAL can also deliver an extended transaction setof check deposits, cash deposits, coin deposits/dispense, as well as a range ofnon-cash transactions such as bill payments and funds transfers – all of them personalized to the customer as an individual.

KAL ATM Software – cost reduction for banks.

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