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KAL kicks off a new year of support for Informatics Sport at The University of Edinburgh

For 2023, KAL has expanded its sponsorship of Informatics Sport at The University of Edinburgh. Alongside the student football (soccer) team we have backed for over five years, a newly formed hockey team has also won our support.

Informatics Sport: The rules of the game

Informatics Sport is a non-academic club for students and faculty members at The University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics. It currently includes Informatics FC (for football / futsal players) and a new mixed-gender hockey team that launched in late 2022.

Athletes of all skill levels can get involved with a wide variety of games each semester – from friendly to competitive. Off-field activities such as barbeques, charity fundraising events, group socials and day trips are also a key part of the Informatics Sport experience.

Team sport can help students give their best shot at university

Beyond the universal benefits of regular sport and exercise, specialists have confirmed that organised sport can help students:

  • Boost mental wellbeing
  • Socialise with peers
  • Engage with studies more productively
  • Gain confidence and leadership skills
  • Build healthy routines
  • Tackle mutual obstacles and work towards shared goals

These advantages are especially relevant for students in the ‘Covid-generation’ because data shows that many are dealing with heightened stress levels.

KAL’s support is a winning formula for Informatics Sport

As Team Captain for Informatics FC, Johnny Mullen provided some great insights on behalf of the broader Informatics Sport community:

'KAL’s support of Informatics Sport has been influential for many Informatics students spanning across the years. Three years ago, I took over as the Informatics Football Club captain. In that time, we have won the intramural league and grown to have over 50 members spread across multiple 5 and 11-a-side teams. More recently, Informatics Sport has grown to include a mixed hockey team that also competes intramurally wearing KAL branded kits.'

Johnny Mullen, Informatics FC Team Captain

Since KAL CEO Aravinda Korala is an alumnus of The University of Edinburgh, there are several reasons why this sponsorship is meaningful to him:

'Studying at The University of Edinburgh prepared me for many opportunities in life. After receiving my PhD in Artificial Intelligence, I worked abroad before returning to Edinburgh and founding KAL in 1989. To me, sponsoring Informatics Sport is a simple way to invest in student life and upcoming talent in the city where KAL was first established.'

Aravinda Korala, CEO and Founder of KAL

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