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Kuveyt Türk Bank’s rapid launch of unique ATM with KAL ATM Software

Kuveyt Türk Bank of Turkey has launched the unique Extreme Teller Machine (XTM) based on KAL ATM Software. The XTM combines multi-touch ATM functionality with video conference-based support for branch transactions, providing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Selim Bayhan, vice president of application development, said “the innovative XTM was ready for market deployment very quickly because it was built on KAL’s multivendor Kalignite Platform”. The Kalignite Platform enabled component integration, system testing and deployment to be completed within just a few months of being conceived by the bank.

Kuveyt Türk Bank’s customers demand innovation in the ATM channel. As with many of today’s customers, they expect ATM capabilities and services to keep up with their demands. ATM customer behaviour is evolving rapidly, requiring banks to be nimble in meeting the increasing demands of their customers and remain competitive. Kuveyt Türk Bank designed the XTM to help them address the future needs of their customers. 

The XTM comprises 19 device components, many of which are not usually used at ATMs or in other types of self-service systems, such as:

  • Signature pad
  • Document box with shutter
  • A4 Printer
  • Camera
  • Telephone
  • Coin module
  • Touch screen
  • Barcode reader
  • Very large display

Already integrated with the GRG ATM hardware and all other XTM components, the Kalignite Platform allowed Kuveyt Türk Bank to build the XTM application with minimal support from KAL. Using the Kalignite Platform, Kuveyt Türk Bank created the XTM’s business logic, user interface and terminal-to-host communications by themselves.

Using the Kalignite platform, Kuveyt Türk Bank could select virtually any components they wanted to integrate with the XTM. The result is an innovative self-service system that minimises branch start-up costs, reaches more customers, provides 24/7 banking services and provides a unique user experience. These units are now in live use in Istanbul and have been a great success with customers. 

About Kuveyt Türk Bank

Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank Inc. is a leader among Turkish participation banks thanks to its reliable capital structure and economic power.

Kuveyt Türk Bank is proud of its capacity to bring quick and high-quality service to savers and investors through its branches and correspondents at home and abroad by any modern technological means.

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