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Lloyds Bank turns to self-service solution certified with KAL software

British bank Lloyds is using Glory’s TellerInfinity self-service solution, certified to operate with KAL's ATM software, to streamline its cash deposit services.

TellerInfinity is an assisted service solution that merges transactions traditionally performed by tellers with those done at the ATM, enabling banks to enhance their customer service while also cutting costs.

At Lloyds it is being used to serve business customers who need to deposit large volumes of cash, freeing up bank staff to help others. The bank’s previous self-service machines didn’t recycle coins, whereas TellerInfinity accepts cheques, coins and notes in one single transaction. It also has the advantage of being an assistance and self-service device which means that branch staff are alerted when customers require extra help to carry out their transactions.

KAL ATM Software supports a new generation of self-service ATMs that are currently being used in bank branch transformation projects around the world to deliver all of the traditional bank transactions, as well as newly expanded services.

Watch this video to find out more about how Glory’s TellerInfinity machine is helping Lloyds provide a better service for its customers.

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