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Recap: KAL’s regional ATM webinars empower global colleagues

KAL presented world-class ATM insights to attendees in EMEA, the Americas and APAC via a series of live-streamed regional webinars in June, 2022. KAL’s senior-level experts hosted three online sessions exploring ‘Landmark ATM Industry Topics’ - attracting interest from over 50 nations and 100 companies.

Based on feedback, attendees found the emerging ATM topics we explored educational and motivating – with “outsourcing” and “QR code integration” proving especially popular.

Defining ‘Landmark ATM Industry Topics’

There are key technologies and capabilities transforming the terrain in the ATM world. KAL’s regional webinars showcased five such landmark topics:

  • XFS4IoT - the latest version of the global XFS file system for ATMs
  • DevOps - practices that support the ongoing delivery of successful software
  • Managed Services – outsourced solutions for managing ATM fleets
  • Windows 10/11 and Hypervisor Technology – a software-only approach to OS upgrades
  • Pre-staged Transactions – including mobile phone integration

What happened during the KAL webinars?

Each event lasted approximately 90 minutes and featured contributions from KAL’s leading ATM industry experts, including Aravinda Korala (KAL CEO) and Kader Baadoud (Vice Chairman of the CEN XFS Committee).

To maximize the benefits for the global audience, we provided simultaneous translations for the attendees. Each webinar also featured a closing Q&A session that facilitated engaging discussions between attendees and the KAL team.

If you have any questions about ATM software or about any of the Landmark Topics listed above, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Are there more webinars in the pipeline from KAL?

Following the success of our ‘Landmark ATM Industry Topics’ series, we are planning to conduct ongoing regional webinars on a wide range of ATM-related topics. We also intend to host similar events for country-specific audiences. Please refer to the news section of our website for the latest updates.

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