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Accepting charitable payments on KAL's RTM

The adaptability of KAL’s cashless ATM, the Retail Teller Machine, is being demonstrated in Malaysia where it is now being used to make religious charitable payments.

For the first time, Muslims are able to pay their annual charitable fee known as Zakat using a debit card, rather than cash, at an RTM.

Zakat Selangor

The initiative began when Hong Leong Islamic Bank purchased Retail Teller Machines through KAL’s local partner, Impromptu Solutions. It then used the RTM to win a business contract with government organization Zakat Selangor to provide a more secure and convenient way for its customers to make their charitable payments.

Each state in the predominantly Muslim country of Malaysia has a Zakat organization which oversees and manages these payments. One very important element of Zakat is that it acts as a tax rebate for the donor. 

Zakat Selangor was previously collecting all of the money in cash - as these payments are normally made during the month of Ramadan, this meant large volumes of cash were being held on site at this time. The government’s cashless program has encouraged the organisation to use the RTM to collect these funds via debit cards.

Supporting electronic payments via KAL's RTM offers the following advantages:

  • Customers have official proof – in the form of a receipt or bank statement – that they have paid Zakat and are eligible for a tax rebate
  • Zakat Selangor’s security and operational costs have been reduced

The RTM runs KAL’s Kalignite Software, making it easy to support new, innovative self-service functionality and enabling the government organization to add new services for their customers. Following the success of this project, other government organizations are now considering using the RTM to improve their operation and lower their costs.

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