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KAL wins Nationwide Building Society contract for ATM and branch teller software

Edinburgh, UK - KAL is pleased to announce that it has been selected to supply multi-channel, multivendor software for Nationwide Building Society's 2,300 ATMs and 6,000 branch teller stations as part of Nationwide's Technology Self-Service Banking (TSSB) Open Software Initiative.

Nationwide's Open Software Initiative aims to rationalise common business functionality across all of its customer channels including teller, ATMs, call centres, and online banking. The project goals include enhancing customer service and unlocking the massive potential of its self-service and branch network. In helping Nationwide to achieve these goals, KAL was a clear choice.

For its ATM network, Nationwide has chosen Kalignite NDC which will allow a single solution to be deployed across the entire Nationwide ATM estate of NCR and Wincor Nixdorf machines. Kalignite NDC will replace Nationwide's existing solution consisting of NCR's Aptra and Wincor Nixdorf's ProCash software. It includes 3DES and EMV capability running on the Kalignite Software Platform for its ATMs. For teller systems, Nationwide will develop its own application using the Kalignite Software Platform for Branch. A common software platform across multiple channels means reusable skill-sets in its technical development team.

Nationwide has adopted a "best of breed" sourcing policy in terms of both hardware and software. Francis Walsh, divisional director of IT at Nationwide Building Society, said "Nationwide is very excited about selecting Kalignite. It allows us to realise the enormous potential in our ATM and teller networks with excellent enhancements to our customer service. With both multivendor and multi-channel capabilities, and a dynamic like-minded company behind the solution, we decided that Kalignite was a clear winner for us."

"Nationwide conducted a thorough analysis of the available software options," said Aravinda Korala, the CEO of KAL. "In addition to a detailed RFP process, they invited the finalists to participate in a multivendor proof-of-concept in their ATM laboratory. We are delighted to have been selected as a result of that process".

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