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OKI selects Kalignite

Beijing, August 26, 2003 -- KAL today announced that Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. of Japan has selected KAL's software for its brand new ATM model, the ATM21S, which will be manufactured and distributed in the Chinese market. The new Oki ATM is powered by KAL's Kalignite Software Suite - the world's leading independent ATM software which makes the new ATM fully XFS-compliant and web-enabled. The initial target market for the new ATM is China and it will soon be made available in other geographies too.

This announcement follows the agreement between KAL and Oki in May of this year under which Oki adopted KAL's Kalignite software suite. The result of this relationship between two world-class ATM companies is the high specification hardware from Oki running KAL's advanced ATM software suite, marking Oki's entry into the world ATM market. Oki today is Japan's number one ATM manufacturer, holding a 40% share of the installed base in the highly-demanding Japanese market.

Rapid growth of ATM usage in China as well as in Asia in general has led to a major upturn in ATM deployments as part of both network expansion and unit replacement strategies. "As a top vendor of ATMs in Japan, it was essential for us to work with KAL, which globally provides high quality open standard software for ATMs," said Minoru Yamamoto, General Manager of the ATM Software Development Dept. in the Financial Solutions Company at Oki Electric. "The partnership with KAL enabled us to undertake open-standards-based application development while reducing the application development period. With this world-class ATM21S powered by Kalignite, Oki can continue to provide the most advanced ATMs meeting the needs of various markets."

"Oki's choice of Kalignite to create its ATM solution demonstrates Oki's commitment to Open Standards" said Aravinda Korala, CEO of KAL "We are seeing a rapid swing by banks towards open-standards and best-of-breed solutions. We are very excited about our software being integrated with ATM hardware from a company that is renowned for its commitment to the quality and robustness of its hardware. In the ATM business the availability and uptime of hardware and software is of paramount importance to our banking customers"

Oki's ATM21S will be initially available with two application options - Kalignite NDC and the Kalignite Custom-Protocols Application both of which are fully integrated with the new ATM and fully customisable to suit multiple host and network infrastructures and transport protocols including TCP/IP, X25 and SNA. Both applications run on v3.1 of the Kalignite Software Platform which fully supports the latest version of the XFS standard - version 3, making OKI one of the first ATM manufacturers in the world to go into production with XFS 3.

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