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KAL launches open banking technology ahead of Europe’s PSD2 initiative

KAL, a world-leading provider of banking software, is delighted to announce the launch of its new open banking technology designed to help banks get ready for the upcoming Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

PSD2 goals

PSD2 will transform the European financial sector, establishing what is widely known as Open APIs for banking.  PSD2 aims to increase competition and transparency in the European payments market, improve access to accounts and bolster internet banking security.

What about banks?

EU banks have until January 2018 to implement PSD2 APIs, meaning that banks must act now to ensure they are compliant with PSD2 and can play a key role in this new banking landscape. For banks to thrive in this open market, it is vital they implement an Open API enabling third parties to access customer data securely using “SCA” (secure customer authentication).

KTH-PSD2 open banking technology from KAL Payments

KAL, a trusted provider of transaction software to banking giants around the world, will supply core technology to enable banks to achieve PSD2 compliance with its secure, scalable and cost-effective open banking solution, KTH-PSD2. This is just one of several technologies due to be launched by KAL as part of its KAL-Payments initiative.

KTH-PSD2 acts as the essential bridge linking banks with multiple TPPs, providing both the security that banks must deliver to achieve PSD2 compliance and a complete, innovative and extensible range of functionality benefiting both banks and TPPs. KTH-PSD2 enables banks to achieve key business advantages in preparing for Europe’s next generation of banking.

KAL’s KTH-PSD2 product enables banks to implement that essential application program interface (API) and to provide PSD2-driven services to customers from other banks.

Security, compliance and functionality

  • KTH-PSD2 is a secure, scalable and cost-effective open banking solution.
  • KTH-PSD2 enables banks to implement an Open API as well as deliver PSD2-driven services to customers from other banks.
  • KTH-PSD2 is a transaction handler so it delivers functionality as well as security.
  • KTH-PSD2 is robust, configurable, extensible and future-proof.
  • KTH-PSD2 adds value for the bank’s product and service offerings with an enhanced customer experience.
  • KTH-PSD2 can connect to ATMs and back office systems using multiple protocols, including nexo, the world’s first and only open standard for ATMs.



KAL has a long, successful history of providing highly scalable, secure transaction processing software to banks. Now banks can leverage our expertise in delivering highly complex systems within the new PSD2 landscape and achieve compliance in a timely, cost-effective way. This will help banks stay ahead of the competition and meet the regulatory mandates. Steve Hensley, Executive Vice President of Sales, KAL



For more information about how KAL's KTH -PSD2 product can help your business, contact us here.  



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