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Delivering solutions for a rapidly expanding network

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OTP is the largest bank in Hungary and a driving force in financial services for the region. It is expanding rapidly within Hungary, as well as in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Montenegro and Russia.

The challenge: Deliver a single ATM software solution to run OTP's rapidly expanding multi-territory ATM and kiosk network, including all country subsidiaries and business units.


OTP provides services to 4.6 million customers through 382 branches and multiple channels.

The bank is the leading ATM deployer in Hungary, with 42% of all ATMs. On an average weekday, OTP will handle 260,000 self-service transactions.

OTP was challenged to deliver new business requests in the self-service channel, integrate new subisidiaries, manage many different self-service machines and support multiple languages.

Project requirements

Deliver a single software solution to:

  • Run OTP’s rapidly expanding ATM and kiosk network
  • Migrate and support OTP subsidiary networks and business units
  • Introduce new web-based technologies, such as multimedia advertising
  • Capture customer-related information using self-service transaction history
  • Enable real-time status updates for every ATM device
  • Establish Electronic Journal capabilities

The solution

Today OTP's self-service network runs KAL's Kalignite Platform and KTC ATM management system. KAL's powerful and customisable software has enabled the development of new features, attracting customers to the bank and improving satisfaction.

Key project outcomes

  • The KAL application supports three different languages: Hungarian, German and English
  • A wide range of transactions is supported, including electricity bill payment and pre-paid mobile phone transactions
  • The advanced ATM functionality gives OTP a competitive advantage and has attracted many new customers
  • KAL ATM software provides a consistent and engaging user interface
  • ATM advertising campaigns are used to support OTP promotions and events
  • New ATMs can now be installed very quickly (sometimes in just 20 minutes), saving time and money
  • The average ATM availability has improved to 98.34%
  • Electronic Journal capability has boosted bank operations, replenishment and compliant handling processes. EJ features enable fast reaction by OTP's Complaint Department, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Support for the AKDS – Automatic Key Distribution System – greatly increases ATM security and cuts costs by remotely distributing and installing new security keys
  • Conversion to KAL software took just four months

We chose KAL software because it runs independently from any hardware vendor and creates no obstacles in selecting ATM hardware, except our own requirements. A single platform approach makes it much easier to integrate subsidiary networks, deliver a consistent personalised user experience and improve our customer service. Today, OTP's availability is 98.34%

‒ George Csikvari, programming expert, OTP

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More about OTP Bank

OTP is the largest bank in Hungary, providing services to more than four and a half million customers in almost 400 branches and through multiple channels.

It is also the leading bank in Hungary for ATMs, with 42% of all Hungarian ATMs operated by OTP, and a network of more than 2000. On an average weekday, 260,000 transactions are carried out at OTP ATMs.

The regional expansion of OTP started in 2002 when it bought a Slovakian bank. This was followed by numerous middle and east European bank acquisitions: Bulgaria in 2003, Romania in 2004, Croatia in 2005, and Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, and Montenegro in 2006.