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Trusted by banks worldwide

Robust, configurable, and future-ready technology

As a global technology company, KAL specializes in ATMs, kiosks, and branch networks. Since 1989, we have achieved over 20 fintech world-firsts, won multiple awards and become the leading supplier of multivendor ATM software.

Compatible with machines from any vendor

Standardized solutions for total interoperability

With KAL, hardware devices from different manufacturers can work together perfectly. Our gold-standard Kalignite suite helps banks:

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  • Gain hardware vendor independence
  • Simplify network management
  • Accelerate software upgrades and updates
  • Reduce costs across the board
  • Support new transaction types and services
  • Deliver superior customer experiences
  • Compete and innovate in the marketplace

Market-leading products

The world’s #1 supplier of multivendor ATM software

KAL is the world’s leading ATM platform and application provider (based on country footprint in the ‘multivendor – excluding own hardware’ category of RBR’s ATM Software 2023 report). Kalignite Platform runs on around 17,000 more multivendor ATMs than the next-best provider.

Global banks of all sizes collectively trust KAL software to dispense over $2 trillion per year. Our technology runs in over 80 countries worldwide – with clients ranging from megabanks to local financial institutions.

KAL is world#1 in ATM software

Ideal for varied hardware fleets

Supporting more ATM hardware types than any other provider

KAL software is tested and certified on hundreds of ATM models from over 40 different manufacturers – including all leading providers from every region of the globe. This support helps banks source hardware assets freely while avoiding vendor lock-ins and siloed resources. Our technology leverages XFS (the leading global standard for ATM interoperability) and we are a Member Organization of the Global CEN XFS Committee.

KAL is world#1 in ATM software

Manage your network efficiently

A cost-effective alternative to vendor-specific proprietary software

As a multivendor, versatile and industry standardized software suite, Kalignite helps banks reduce their operating costs in numerous ways. We make ATM software upgrades more efficient by centralizing resources, streamlining development cycles and enabling rapid rollouts via “remote reimage” technology. With KAL’s remote diagnostics, banks can dramatically improve network performance and availability while eliminating unnecessary on-site technician visits.

KAL is world#1 in ATM software

Deploy innovative ATM functionality

Engineered for rapid software development based on bank-specific needs

KAL makes functional and security enhancements quicker and easier for banks with self-service networks. Using our solutions, banks can schedule these updates at any time of day or night, without needing to duplicate changes across separate vendor-specific resources. We also empower our clients to develop in-house’ ATM applications – modifying and extending functionality whenever they choose. This can include features such as personalized transactions, targeted marketing, third-party advertising and more.

KAL is world#1 in ATM software

Your network like you’ve never seen it before

Delivering full visibility and control – right down to individual ATMs and components

Our complete remote management technology gives banks the power to monitor and control all software-related ATM network activities in real-time. This includes diagnosing and managing maintenance, status and cash requirements on a network-wide basis, with the capacity to drill down into device-specific details.

KAL is world#1 in ATM software

A leading voice in the global ATM industry

Credible and committed to banking innovation

KAL is a Microsoft Partner with Gold and Silver Application Development competencies. We have an EMV-certified kernel and our solutions have been certified by Visa and Mastercard for numerous customers. Additionally, we are PA-DSS certified and a Participating Organization of the PCI Security Standards Council.

As a company, we sponsor industry events hosted by ATMIA, Aite-Novarica, ScotlandIS and other organizations.

We maintain a future-ready outlook on self-service banking. For over 15 years, we’ve produced the top-rated ATM & Self-service Software Trends report with ATM Marketplace.

KAL is also responsible for pioneering the world’s first open-source implementation of XFS4IoT (the latest global API standard for ATMs). Our free XFS4IoT SP-Dev framework equips worldwide ATM industry stakeholders with comprehensive resources for building ATM Service Providers fit for the cloud-based IoT era. This framework is the latest in a long list of KAL accomplishments.

Mastercard Certification Microsoft Silver Partner certification Mastercard certification Visa certification PCI DSS certification