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We are world-leading providers of multivendor ATM software for banks

KAL's multivendor ATM software enables banks to take control of their ATM networks to reduce costs, increase functionality and improve competitiveness. We specialize in solutions for bank ATMs, self-service kiosks and bank branch networks.

Our story

KAL was founded in 1989 by Dr Aravinda Korala, a recognized and respected leader in the industry, who is KAL's CEO.

Our global headquarters is in Munich, Germany and our UK HQ is in Edinburgh, Scotland. We have offices in 19 countries including seven global engineering locations providing around-the-clock support (Edinburgh, Cincinnati, Mexico City, Mumbai, Chennai, Sydney and Verona).

Our multinational workforce enables us to understand local customer needs while also relating to global challenges.


Why KAL?

There are many reasons why banks should choose KAL:

  • World-class ATM software that gives banks visibility and control of their entire network
  • A superior ATM customer experience to help banks retain and win new customers
  • Faster software upgrades and security compliance updates
  • Dramatically lower bank operating costs
  • Software that enables banks to compete more effectively

KAL in numbers

These statistics prove we’re a trusted brand at the forefront of ATM software innovation with a truly diverse customer base.


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International sales team

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Global office locations

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