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  • 2021

    KAL publishes free, open source XFS SP framework for ATMs

    KAL publishes a new, free and open source development framework for creating XFS Service Providers for ATMs – in what is a world first for the ATM industry.

    KAL’s XFS4IoT SP-Dev is an open source implementation of the revolutionary XFS version 4 global standard. It is ready for the IoT era and paves the way for a cloud-based, secure, OS-agnostic ATM industry.

    Find out more here about this exciting project.

  • 2019

    KAL solution to hardware upgrades is world first for industry

    In a world first for the ATM industry, KAL has identified a ground-breaking solution to the long-standing problem of enforced ATM hardware upgrades.

    OS-Virtualization uses an existing Linux-based technology known as a hypervisor to separate the hardware from an ATM’s operating system. This means that banks are no longer forced to upgrade their ATM hardware in order to stay compliant every time there is an operating system upgrade.

    Read KAL’s whitepaper here to learn more about this revolutionary solution.

  • 2017

    KAL and Česka deliver a world first for ATMs with nexo

    KAL and Česká spořitelna Bank in the Czech Republic have joined forces to achieve a world first for ATMs. KAL ATM Software is now using the “nexo” transaction message protocol on production ATMs at Česká spořitelna Bank. The first ATM went live on July 13, 2016.

    The new standard ATM transaction message protocol, known as nexo, is an extension of the ISO 20022 global standard for host-to-host communication. KAL and a large number of key ATM industry participants are members of the nexo committee who collectively created the new standard for use by banks and vendors globally.

  • 2015

    KAL’s EMV Kernel is certified for Windows 8.1

    KAL becomes the first ATM company to declare its products certified for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 – just one week after the new Windows 8 operating system was officially launched by Microsoft.

  • 2012

    KAL ATM Software first to Windows 8

    KAL is the first ATM company to declare its products certified for Windows 8 – just one week after the new operating system was officially launched by Microsoft.

    The Kalignite ATM software suite is the first to run on Microsoft’s Windows 8 and the innovative new RTM is the only banking terminal on the market running the new operating system.

    Learn more about the revolutionary KAL RTM here.

  • 2012

    KAL launches the Retail Teller Machine (RTM)

    The RTM is a world first in branchless banking and one of the most important products ever to be introduced to the self-service banking industry. Operating at a fraction of the cost of bank ATMs, the RTM provides all ATM transactions including cash-out and cash-in, but has no cash inside the machine. RTMs enable banks to cost effectively open up their banking services to millions of people around the world who do not have easy access to their banks.

    Learn more about the KAL RTM here.

  • 2009

    Multivendor ATM application with Finger Vein Recognition capability

    KAL's Kalignite software platform is the world's first to support the new Finger Vein Recognition technology from Hitachi-Omron, Japan. This new biometric technology allows customers to be identified very accurately, thereby reducing fraud at ATMs.

  • 2009

    Multivendor ATM application with Magneprint anti-fraud capability

    KAL's Kalignite NDC ATM application is the world's first to support a new patented technology called Magneprint from Magtek Corp. This new technology eliminates card skimming attacks on ATMs and secures magstripe-only cards from fraud.

  • 2009

    KAL integrates with over 40 ATM vendors worldwide

    Unmatched by any competitor, the Kalignite Platform is the world’s first ATM software middleware to be certified on all of the leading ATM manufacturers from every region of the world.

  • 2004

    Multivendor ATM application with cash recycling capability

    Shinsei Bank's ATM network is the world's first multivendor ATM application with full cash recycling capability. It is also Japan's first ever ATM solution compliant to the XFS world standard. The K3A application at Shinsei Bank is a single software application that operates without modification on five recycling ATM models manufactured by OKI, Fujitsu, and Hitachi.

  • 2003

    Complete ATM application based on Windows CE

    KAL's Kalignite NDC is the world's first ATM application based on Windows CE and provides a full emulation of the industry standard NDC transaction protocol.

  • 2002

    Web-enabled XFS-compliant Windows CE platform for ATMs

    KAL's groundbreaking release of the first web-enabled XFS-compliant Windows CE platform allows ATM manufacturers to create extremely low-cost models that require minimal processing power.

  • 2000

    First-ever XFS-compliant bill-payment kiosk

    KAL is the world's first software company to develop a bill-payment kiosk application on XFS. The bill-payment application for Sprint USA accepted over $1 billion of cash and checks in the first year of rollout and has continued ever since.

  • 1999

    World's first retail ATM application on XFS

    KAL has built the first-ever XFS application for retail-ATMs. These are low-cost ATMs that were previously dominated by Tidel, Triton and Tranax.

    This advanced solution, developed by KAL for Tidel, contains all of the functionality of a retail-ATM while running on the world-standard XFS core with browser-driven graphics.

  • 1999

    World's first multivendor check cashing system

    KAL's Kalignite platform is the ATM software of choice for US-based Innoventry Corp. At its peak the company's check cashing network included more than 1400 Diebold and NCR advanced function ATMs.

    This solution utilizes facial recognition technology as a way of verifying the identity of the user.

  • 1998

    World's first XFS-compliant web-kiosk for financial transactions

    KAL is the world's first software company to create a "web-wrapper" that allows banks' internet web transactions to be delivered on XFS-compliant kiosk hardware.

  • 1997

    KAL's PBM application - the world's first XFS-compliant statement printing application

    KAL is the world's first software company to develop a fully-fledged XFS application that supports Germany's PBM protocol for statement printing kiosks at German banks.

  • 1997

    World's first componentized software platform for the XFS standard

    KAL is the world's first ATM software company to create an ActiveX-based componentized software platform for the XFS standard.

    This development has established KAL's leadership and vision within the ATM industry for multivendor ATM software.

  • 1997

    World's first multivendor, browser-driven, e-commerce enabled ATM application

    The world's first demonstration of the Kalignite software platform on a Diebold ATM by KAL and IBM at CIBC bank in Canada.

    The application is able to deliver Air Canada e-tickets as well as standard ATM cash transactions.

  • 1995

    World's first XFS SP for NCR ATMs

    KAL delivers the world's first implementation of XFS Service Providers for NCR ATMs for use by Natwest Bank (now part of RBS) in the UK.


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