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Maximizing ATM network continuity and resilience

KAL’s Software-on-Standby (SoS) service is a strategic insurance plan for banks that are not yet using KAL technology. It allows banks to run KAL software in SoS mode on a few ATMs, ready for instant rollout if ever needed.

An SoS project involves KAL engineers customizing the Kalignite core software to match your current solution so that you can run it in production on a small number of ATMs. Using KAL’s KTC “remote-reimage” technology, this standby solution can be rolled out instantly on a network-wide basis, if and when the need arises. This offering provides a business-continuity concept that has not been available in the past.

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Key benefits

With KAL’s Software-on-Standby (SoS) insurance concept, banks have a strategic contingency plan at a fraction of the cost of a full software rollout. This cost efficiency is thanks to KAL’s special pricing for SoS projects, as the Kalignite software is made available at a zero-license charge while in standby mode.


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Have an alternative ATM software option

Keep a standby solution that’s already proven on your ATM network waiting in the wings – allowing you to respond to changing market dynamics as well as remove the risk of vendor lock-ins.

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Support any ATM hardware you choose

KAL's multivendor SoS solution is certified on machines from over 40 ATM vendors and 250+ off-the-shelf components - giving you complete freedom to source and switch your hardware as required.

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Leverage KAL’s unmatched expertise

Steered by an enduring senior management team, KAL has been a leading ATM software provider for over 30 years – with clients that include some of the world’s largest banks.

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Scale rapidly whenever you choose

Deploy KAL's standby software at any time using our KTC remote-reimage technology for an immediate, fleet-wide rollout. KTC can completely rebuild the ATM hard disk (or SSD), including a reformat and repartition operation, remotely, without needing an onsite visit. 


The technology that powers KAL’s Software-on-Standby (SoS)

KAL’s Software-on-Standby (SoS) offering is powered by the same Kalignite application and management technology that global banks trust to manage $2 trillion in annual transactions.

  • K3A (Advanced ATM functionality)
  • Kalignite NDC (Multivendor NDC upgrade)
  • KTC (Enterprise ATM management)
  • KTH (Driving ATMs, kiosks and POS devices)
KAL software on standby



The fine print

KAL’s Software-on-Standby (SoS) is for banks that require a solid business-continuity plan. The service pricing consists of:

  • Customization costs for configuring the Kalignite software to match your requirements 
    (This can be full ATM functionality or an MVP configuration with cash dispensing and other essential transactions)
  • Ongoing maintenance and support for the live standby software

All license fees are waived while KAL software is used in SoS mode.


Get in touch

If you would like to secure an SoS ‘insurance’ plan from the world’s leading provider of true multivendor ATM software, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.