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Revolutionizing bank services in the Philippines with KAL’s RTM

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ENCASH is the first independent ATM deployer in the Philippines that provides privately-owned ATMs to rural areas unreached by commercial banks. 

The challenge: ENCASH faces a major obstacle to its goal – the following ATM costs are prohibitively expensive in such remote locations:

  • Installation
  • Cash replenishment
  • Maintenance


ENCASH’s goal is to provide ATMs to rural areas with little or no access to banking, and in doing so:
  • Deliver convenient financial services to the rural population at an affordable cost
  • Tap into an unserved market sector and strengthen relations between customers in remote areas and the financial industry
  • Enable cash to be more easily circulated within local communities

The solution

KAL’s Remote Teller Machine, or RTM, answers ENCASH’s needs because its running costs are a fraction of an ATM’s. This is because the RTM provides customers with access to cash, but it has no cash stored inside.

Low maintenance

The RTM’s low maintenance requirements make it suitable for use in the remote locations targeted by ENCASH.


The RTM can be installed anywhere there is cash, such as supermarkets, restaurants and hotels, giving local communities convenient access to funds.

Key project outcomes

This method of cash dispense is more convenient for those living and running businesses in remote areas because the cash is recirculated within the local community: it is spent by consumers at the local shops, restaurants and hotels, and then given back to other customers when they make a cash withdrawal request from the RTM. This also helps to boost revenue in the local area.


The RTM is an innovative and effective tool for enhancing customer convenience and expanding access to financial services

Melchor Plabasan, Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas


More about ENCASH

A total of 90% of ENCASH’s partners are rural banks or multipurpose financial co-ops. With the help of their partners, ENCASH works to provide more than 300 ENCASH ATMs in over 55 provinces around the Philippines.

Electronic Network Cash Tellers Inc, or ENCASH, is the first independent ATM deployer in the Philippines to provide privately-owned ATMs to rural areas untapped by commercial banks. ENCASH currently has more than 300 ATMs in over 55 Philippine provinces.