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The world's first multivendor recycling ATM application

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Shinsei Bank is a leader in Japanese banks. In 2000, it began to rapidly expand its retail banking business and introduced ATMs running around the clock.

The challenge: Provide a multivendor solution that supports cash recycling.

Project requirements

Shinsei has a network of ATMs from three Japanese manufacturers: OKI, Fujitsu and Hitachi. All of Shinsei's ATMs support cash recycling and the bank wanted a multivendor application that would run on all its vendor ATMs.

The solution

KAL provided the K3A application, Kalignite Platform middleware and KTC management and monitoring system. Additionally, KAL delivered the industry standard XFS V3 SPs for both the OKI and Fujitsu ATMs.

KAL's multivendor solution was Japan's first ever multivendor rollout, and the world's first multivendor recycling ATM application.

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More about Shinsei Bank

Shinsei Bank is a leader in Japanese banks. It became the first Japanese bank to adopt XFS-based multivendor ATM software that is not tied to any specific hardware. The bank's adoption of packaged software and an open system allowed it to operate its ATM network off a very low cost base and provide a unique service to its customers, such as free remittance and withdrawal services.