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ATM Solutions

KAL is the ATM solution of choice for the leading global banks

The reason? KAL’s powerful and comprehensive ATM software product suite pulls together new and existing ATM stock within the ATM network into a coherent, flexible, and manageable structure.

Complex ATM systems are integrated seamlessly using our industry standard ATM software and ATM management tools. Every detail of a high-performing global ATM network can be included according to your requirements and ATM transaction speeds are even faster than same vendor ATM software on hardware solutions. We offer ATM solutions for integration, management, on-going innovation, and improvement, delivered in a secure, efficient, and customisable interface that can be tailored to your bank’s needs, right down to how you display your latest marketing material.

Multiple ATM solutions according to your bank’s needs

KAL’s ATM Software suite is made up of three components – Platforms, Applications and Management servers:

  • The Platform family provides the foundation for developing custom applications for ATMs, kiosks, and branch teller machines.
  • The Application family provides complete ATM functionality and can be modified and extended by both banks themselves and KAL partners.
  • The Management Server family offers a complete remote management solution.

These three product families ensure KAL can deliver the correct solution for a vast range of project objectives. KAL has delivered ATM solutions for hundreds of banks around the world (and is the ATM solution of choice for the world’s leading banks such as Citibank, China Construction Bank and UniCredit). Each bank has ATM networks at different stages of complexity and development, each with different requirements and needs: from lowering the total cost of ownership across vast multi-territory, multilingual, multi-regulatory ATM networks to improving the customer experience at the ATM and enabling banks to cross-sell premium services. Read more about KAL’s software solutions in our case studies.