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ATM systems

KAL builds ATM systems that work with over 40 different hardware vendors worldwide. Our wealth of experience means that we can provide ATM system solutions to meet all your needs, however varied. We deliver reliable, secure and innovative ATM software, which ensures that ATM networks of any kind will run at maximum efficiency.

Unique ATM systems from the ATM software leaders

KAL provides powerful and robust ATM systems that meet the real world complexity of bank requirements for their ATM channel. The Kalignite Software Suite integrates with and controls ATM networks that vary widely in size, complexity and location – from small banks with just a few ATMs to huge global banks with thousands of ATMs in multiple countries with different languages and business rules around the world. KAL is a front-runner in introducing revolutionary ATM technology to the global marketplace with an impressive number of world firsts. For example, we were the first to support Finger Vein Recognition (FVR) technology to increase the accuracy of customer identification and reduce the risk of fraud. KAL was also first to certify its entire ATM software suite for Windows 8 (and 7).

Shaping the ATM solutions landscape

Recently KAL launched the first-ever line of cashless ATMs, which will transform the way that banks interact with their customers. Retail Teller Machines (RTM) run at a tenth of the cost of a standard ATM, allowing banks to provide services to millions of people in hard-to-reach areas.

Find out more about the pioneering work of KAL, and discover some interesting facts about the world’s leading ATM software providers.