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Citibank unveils new ATM experience

KAL customer Citibank has unveiled new ATMs for the US that will "remember" customer preferences and reduce the time customers spend to check balances, make deposits and withdraw cash. The new ATMs feature vastly simplified screen flows and a cleaner, streamlined design.

Ready to be launched throughout the US in February, Citi customers will have the option of viewing account balances without leaving the screen they are on, and the ability to set transaction preferences streamlining future ATM visits.

"Based on extensive feedback from customers, we have reimagined the ATM experience to make it simpler and faster," said Citi US consumer and commercial banking president Cece Stewart.

"Citibank ATMs will now present information based on customer preferences automatically and they will enable customers to check their balances at any point without having to navigate through multiple screens. No matter how we interact with customers - at an ATM, in a branch, on a mobile device, over the phone or online - we want to deliver the best experience possible."

Aravinda Korala, CEO of KAL, said: “Modern banking customers expect convenience and speed at the ATM and these new Citibank features will unquestionably enhance the user experience."

Steve Hensley, EVP Sales, said: “By allowing customers to set preferences which are then remembered across the network, Citi will create a personalized service for their customers. This service raises the bar on customer experience and we’re proud that our customers continue to be at the forefront of banking innovation.”

One of the largest banks in the world, Citi is a long-time client of KAL and uses KAL’s ATM software to power its global ATM network.


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