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Česká spořitelna boosts ATM lifecycle efficiency with KAL’s Kalignite Hypervisor

Leading Czech bank Česká spořitelna uses virtual machine technology to run Windows 10 on ATMs – minimizing hardware lifecycle expenses caused by Windows OS upgrades and ensuring ATMs do not run unsupported software. KAL’s Kalignite Hypervisor powers this strategy and runs on hundreds of ATMs in the Česká spořitelna network.

Ceska Hypervisor article new imageWhat is Kalignite Hypervisor, and how does it work?

KAL’s Kalignite Hypervisor is a Linux-based virtualization technology supported by Red Hat (a subsidiary of IBM). It saves banks from the expensive and time-consuming process of replacing ATM devices that may be excluded by the latest version of Windows.

The solution removes the tight link between OS software and PC-core hardware components so banks can upgrade them separately. Inside the ATM, KAL uses Red Hat Linux technology to run Windows as a guest operating system on a virtual machine. This machine can be remotely updated whenever needed without requiring any on-site attention. Kalignite Hypervisor supplements the software driver support lacking from newer versions of Windows. As a result, the software running in the ATM remains supported and the hardware lifecycle becomes more cost-efficient.

The benefits of Kalignite Hypervisor

Kalignite Hypervisor solves a billion-dollar problem for banks by making extra ATM hardware lifecycle costs related to OS upgrades a thing of the past. As a result, it helps banks:

  • Manage ongoing OS release cycles
  • Control the hardware renewal process
  • Maximize existing ATM hardware assets
  • Optimize costs
  • Remain PCI-compliant
  • Deploy Windows upgrades rapidly and remotely
  • Run the latest versions of all ATM software
  • Reduce electronic waste

Česká spořitelna has embraced Kalignite Hypervisor since day one

Did you know Česká spořitelna started leveraging the OS-virtualization concept with KAL before any other European bank? Together, we launched the world’s first ATM running Windows 10 on a Linux Hypervisor.

David Novotny, Head of ATM Squad at Česká spořitelna, believes Kalignite Hypervisor answers the OS migration problems that burden ATM industry stakeholders. He recently commented:

It is too costly to migrate a whole ATM network to a newer OS or to run two versions for too long. When you consider an ATM lifecycle, it means that you need to exchange the PC Core in each individual ATM at least once. Thanks to KAL’s Hypervisor solution, we can now run Windows 10 on older ATMs using a Linux virtual machine software architecture and significantly extend the life of those ATMs.

Ceska ATM image    
As of June 2024, Česká spořitelna has migrated hundreds of NCR machines to Kalignite Hypervisor. It has also unified the OS version within its network and simplified testing and operational efforts. If the bank ever wants to extend Kalignite Hypervisor to the other ATM brands in its fleet, it can do so easily. All KAL software solutions are multivendor and certified on machines from over 40 leading hardware vendors. 

Ceska ATM closeup

Building a future-proof ATM network for customers in Czechia and beyond

Česká spořitelna’s Kalignite Hypervisor rollout is the latest milestone in an impressive series of future-proof ATM network enhancements delivered with help from KAL. By continuing to innovate in the self-service banking channel, the bank demonstrates a solid commitment to rich customer experiences powered by advanced technology. 

To learn more about Kalignite Hypervisor, please read the whitepaper from KAL CEO Aravinda Korala.