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KAL breaks German speed record

Official testing confirms new ATM performance benchmark for transaction times

KAL announced today that it has broken the German ATM speed record for the fastest customer transaction times in official testing done at Cetecom’s ATM test track in Germany. Independent testing was done on six ATM models from NCR, Wincor Nixdorf and Nautilus Hyosung, and for all six KAL ATM Software clocked the fastest ever times recorded to date (4-Aug-2014) in Germany on the DK circuit.

DK is the German national standard for ATM certification. Transaction timings achieved by the vendors are recorded and published on the DK website (http://www.die-deutsche-kreditwirtschaft.de/) as part of the certification process. DK testing is mandatory for all ATM suppliers to the German market.

For NCR and Wincor models KAL beat the previous record from any vendor by on average 10.5 seconds for EMV transactions (a 35% improvement) and 10.6 seconds for magnetic stripe transactions (a 46% improvement). On the Hyosung model KAL beat the current record by any vendor by 16% for EMV and 2% for magstripe.

Interestingly, KAL software beat the hardware vendor’s software on their own hardware, in each case. For example, for EMV transactions NCR’s timings were beaten by between 30% and 35% and Wincor’s timings were improved on by between 29% and 45% depending on the hardware model.

Steve Hensley, KAL’s Executive Vice President of Global Sales, said:

“These results confirm what KAL customers have been enjoying for a long time. KAL ATM Software is the fastest on the market and improves the customer transaction time significantly, reducing queue lengths and making bank’s customers very happy. Along with ATM availability, transaction time is one of the most important measurements of ATM software performance for banks. We are thrilled that this has been officially proven in independent testing.”

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