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Landmark ATM industry topics [APAC webinar], June 8

KAL invites colleagues in the APAC region to take part in a tailored webinar featuring senior-level ATM industry experts. The event will showcase new approaches that unlock innovative possibilities for today’s banks, IADs and customers at the ATM – from technologies to tactics. We will explore trending ATM industry topics and themes that stand out in the APAC region.

Some highlights include:

  • XFS4IoT - the latest version of the global XFS file system for ATMs
  • DevOps - practices that support the ongoing delivery of successful software
  • KAL service models/outsourcing - options for managing your ATM fleet
  • Windows 10/11 and Hypervisor technology - migrating to the latest software
  • Pre-staged transactions - along with mobile phone integration

Informative and motivating, the event is a great chance to hear from some of the most respected voices in the ATM world. Live translation services will also be available.

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