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The business advantages of KAL’s ATM management software

KAL Case Study: The business advantages of KAL’s ATM management software

Running an ATM network is a demanding and expensive business. Banks need to ensure their ATMs are available 100 per cent of the time – or as close as possible.

It is also vital for them to keep their ATM maintenance costs down.

How can banks do both?

Maximum visibility

The answer lies in banks improving their network efficiency by deploying ATM software which is tightly integrated with ATM management software.

This strong connection gives financial institutions the high degree of visibility they need to effectively manage their ATM networks – they can identify problems when they arise and resolve them quickly.

Kalignite Terminal Controller (KTC)

By choosing KAL, banks ensure they have ATM software and a world-class ATM management system that work hand-in-hand to dramatically cut costs and maximize operational efficiency.

KAL’s KTC is a complete and fully integrated ATM management system that gives banks a single, consolidated view of their ATM network, regardless of the number of different types of hardware running on that network.

It provides banks with a direct, secure connection from each ATM to KTC. This connection gives immediate, real-time access to detailed information needed to manage and monitor the ATMs remotely.

Real-time monitoring means problems are detected immediately and issues identified and solved very quickly, without incurring unnecessary and expensive call-outs by technicians.

And, if the problem can’t be resolved remotely, KTC can identify the exact nature of the issue, so the technician is fully informed before travelling to the ATM.

Maximize ATM availability

Another great advantage of KTC is that it keeps a record of each call-out made, so the bank can see the trend in onsite visits. Banks that convert to KAL software always experience a fall in the number of call-outs, putting them in a very strong position to negotiate a more competitive rate with their ATM maintenance company.

The visibility that KTC gives banks has many other advantages too. The KAL software can be used to identify which ATMs are not being used as much as they could be, and why this might be.

For example, using KTC the bank can see that an ATM is often out-of-service or it’s in a low-traffic location and, as a result, take remedial action to address the situation. The bank can increase their customer loyalty by ensuring its ATMs’ availability and usability is the best it can be.

Keep your ATM software fresh

And what if a bank wants to change its display design or update a marketing campaign? Many banks avoid making software updates because of the time and expense involved.

With KTC it’s very easy to keep the ATM software fresh and current. All ATM software updates can be easily distributed and automatically installed at any time of the day or night, so banks can be sure their ATMs are always up to date.

Secure your ATMs

What about security? Maximizing ATM security is at the very core of KTC.

KTC provides the automatic delivery and installation of security patches and system and application updates. It also ensures that all ATMs are fully locked down and protected against malware and all other types of digital attacks.


The biggest advantage of KTC is that it provides banks with everything needed to remotely manage and monitor their ATM estate. Everything.

KTC delivers big savings for banks. Without KTC, banks need to run separate – and, in most cases, incompatible – systems to address ATM services like software distribution, ticketing, management reporting, asset management and others.

KTC is a fully integrated monitoring and management system specifically designed and optimized for ATMs and financial self-service machines.