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Freedom at last from enforced ATM hardware upgrades

In this month’s edition of RBR’s Banking Automation Bulletin, KAL CEO Aravinda Korala talks about an exciting new solution for the ATM industry: OS-Virtualization using hypervisor technology. This revolutionary concept brings banks freedom at last from enforced, costly and time-consuming ATM hardware upgrades.


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Make ATMs the heart of your digital banking strategy with KAL

Customers today expect the same type of great user experience from their ATMs as they get from their mobile and home banking systems. But how do banks shackled by legacy systems make their ATMs central to the digital banking experience? KAL ATM Software has a new solution, specifically designed to connect all banking services and deliver a seamless user experience across all channels. Find out more here.


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Running ATMs in an Open Banking world

For banks to thrive in the new era of Open Banking, it is vital that they implement an Open API, which enables third parties to access customer data securely. In an interview in the March edition of Financial IT magazine, KAL CEO Aravinda Korala explains how KAL software allows banks to implement that essential API and become a part of this exciting landscape.


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KAL ATM Software for bank branches of the future

Banks are increasingly reliant on ATMs and self-service machines to support customers as the number of branches continues to fall, but when it comes to complex banking transactions, customers still want the high level of service they enjoyed at traditional branches. Find out here how KAL ATM Software enables banks to provide their customers with a little extra help when they need it with remote assisted transactions.



The business advantages of KAL’s ATM management software

Maximising the availability of ATMs while keeping maintenance costs down is a constant challenge for banks. The answer lies in banks boosting their network by deploying ATM software which is tightly integrated with ATM management software. Find out more here about how KAL’s world-class KTC software can dramatically cuts costs for banks and ensure the highest level of ATM efficiency.


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Maintaining a banking presence in the face of branch closures

One of the biggest problems banks throughout the world now face is how to provide banking services to those living in remote and rural areas amid a steady stream of branch closures. This article looks at how banks can guarantee that cash and other banking services remain accessible to all – at a cost that won’t break the bank.


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Transform your banking service with automated business deposits

The automation of business deposits offers banks the opportunity to immeasurably improve the banking experience for their valued small and medium-sized business customers.  This article looks at why the traditional methods of depositing cash fall short in the 21st century, and how KAL ATM Software gives banks access to the most advanced self-service technology available.


article automating bank deposits

Are your ATMs keeping pace with your omni-channel strategy?

As banks seek to compete with Fintechs, as well as deal with the impact of regulatory changes such as PSD2 in Europe, it is essential that they maintain a strong competitive position. Ensuring that their ATM networks form a core part of their omni-channel strategy is key. This article looks at how banks can do this by embracing the right technologies.


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Expanding a bank’s ‘points of presence’ without breaking the bank

Customers’ use of self-service transactions via ATMs will continue to grow as the number of bank branches continues to decrease. Banks are ready and willing to embrace this transformation. However, they face a problem: the prohibitive cost of funding ATM expansion on such a large scale. This article looks at an alternative to the traditional ATM, which may hold the answer for banks.


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Using software to unleash the potential of the ATM channel

In this edition of RBR’s Banking Automation Bulletin, KAL CEO Aravinda Korala talks about the emergence of ATM software as a key component in banks’ efforts to cut costs, boost service, and improve the customer's banking experience.

He also discusses the growing trend for advanced ATM transactions that are assisted by remote tellers, the challenges of cardless transactions and biometrics, and the requirement for fully integrated security solutions for ATMs.

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Why the war on cash is doomed to fail

For the sixth edition of the industry's most influential annual report, we obtained the views of over 800 global ATM executives. Learn what these executives think about the trends in ATM software by downloading your free copy of the 2013 ATM Software Trends Guide. Includes analysis of:

  • The drive to migrate ATMs to Windows 7 and 8
  • The role of the ATM in the “Branch of the Future”
  • ATM and smartphones providing complementary services
  • The need for a single, standardized view of the ATM network

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war on cash

The spread of the single ATM software environment around the world

Every bank CEO knows that bank branches are an expensive way of servicing their customers. However, banks have been reluctant to move customers away from the branch to alternative channels such as the ATM and risk losing the all-important customer “touch” opportunity. The increasing sophistication of the ATM, though, now enables the bank CEO to have it both ways – reduce cost and provide a personalised service at the same time. How is that possible?

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What every bank CEO should know about their ATM network

Nikkin, The Japan Financial News, interviews KAL CEO Aravinda Korala on:

  • The merits of using ATM software that is compatible with multiple vendors
  • The current trends in the international ATM markets
  • The growing need for banks to upgrade systems for IC-chip enabled cards 

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