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Helping Westpac New Zealand achieve its service vision

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Westpac New Zealand (WNZL) serves more than 1.3 million customers in personal and business banking across New Zealand. Through the transformation of its 150-plus branches, Westpac aims to become ‘one of the world’s great service companies’.

The challenge: Develop a multivendor ATM software solution to establish a platform for Westpac New Zealand's rapid self-service growth at the ATM and to allow WNZL a choice in hardware regardless of vendor.

Project requirements

As a key element of branch transformation, Westpac New Zealand needed ATM capability which complemented the bank's other digital channels so that customers could:

  • Enjoy a seamless end-to-end ATM self-service experience
  • Access remote assisted services to perform more complex transactional activities

The migration project required an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to meet tight deadlines, with KAL co-located onsite for a year. This allowed WNZL to manage their own network and later carry out the customisation of their own application in-house.

The solution

WNZL carried out a global search for an ATM software company with the commitment, vision and creativity to deliver the project on time and within budget.

The bank partnered with KAL because of its industry-leading technology, extensive global expertise and reputation for providing world-class self-service software products.

Development and testing was completed within 3 months of project start, including new functionality such as bill payment. The pilot commenced less than 5 months after the project began.

Key project outcomes

KAL software transformed banking at WNZL’s existing branches and upcoming self-service branches, increasing the focus on the customer and their needs, with an emphasis on ease of use, speed and convenience.

The move to KAL software resulted in the following benefits for WNZL:

  • Improved banking services to customers via their preferred device
  • A new generation of self-service ATMs offering traditional transactions and expanded services
  • All-digital branches and banking services
  • Anytime, anywhere banking, with assistance readily available whenever needed
  • An ATM network aligned with the bank’s digital channels for a seamless, end-to-end self-service experience
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More about Westpac New Zealand

WNZL is part of the Westpac Banking Corporation, founded in 1817. It has five customer divisions that serve around 13 million customers and is active worldwide.

WNZL has approximately 490 ATMs and over 150 branches, serving more than 1.3 million customers in personal and business banking in New Zealand. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Westpac Bank Australia, which ranks as number 52 of the largest banks globally. Westpac Group aims to become "one of the world's great service companies", and takes a strong customer and community-oriented approach to business and banking. It focuses on building relationships with customers and growing organically, with a strong emphasis on serving its core markets in Australia, New Zealand, and the near Pacific.