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The ATM application that works for banks of all sizes

Kalignite Advanced ATM Application (K3A) is a multi-protocol, multivendor, multi-lingual and multi-country ATM application that works for banks of all sizes – from those with small ATM networks to global banks operating vast networks spanning many countries and languages.

Key benefits

K3A provides banks with the following benefits:


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Enables banks of all sizes to carry out their own application customization using the integrated K3A Design Studio

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Advanced functionality

Support for cash dispensing and deposits, cash and coin recycling, bunch check acceptance, image check deposits, one-to-one marketing, transaction preferences and integration with web services

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Reduced costs

Allows banks to significantly reduce the cost of development, maintenance and support

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Quick time to market

Banks can minimize the time to market for deploying new functionality by using the powerful K3A development environment

Key features

Included as standard with K3A is:

  • K3A Design Studio
  • Kalignite Platform
  • Kalignite EMV Kernel
  • Kalignite Advanced Device Simulators
  • Kalignite Marketing Campaign Creator
  • Kalignite PA-DSS Kernel
  • Kalignite Automated Test System (KATS)
  • Kalignite ATM Host simulators

The Kalignite software suite

The Kalignite software suite integrates with and controls ATM networks that vary widely in complexity, size and location.

Here’s where K3A sits in the suite:

kalignite runtime diagram k3a

Get in touch

If you are interested in buying K3A, please contact us and we’ll get in touch soon.