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The KAL scholarship, bursary and internship schemes

KAL is proud to offer bursaries and scholarships to students at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics. It runs two programmes:

  • KAL Informatics Scholarships of £1000 per year for undergraduates of exceptional ability. KAL offers two such scholarships each academic year
  • KAL Bursaries for students in need of financial support
  • Opportunities for students to spend time working at KAL on real-world projects to gain valuable work experience through an internship

KAL sponsors a number of students each year from Edinburgh University’s Informatics Department.  Our aim is to help support the top-class software engineers of tomorrow through their studies. We also play an active part in coursework, and offer internships and placements to students from several universities, including Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt.  KAL is hiring!

- Cameron Logan (Head of Commercial)

cameron logan

What students say

I made the move from Sydney to Edinburgh for a three-month internship at KAL.  I have gained invaluable experience in a number of areas that I hadn’t had prior knowledge in such as Marketing and Testing. The staff are friendly and approachable and take time out of their busy schedules to educate and answer any questions. There is a great culture, with many opportunities to socialise in and out of work. I would highly recommend applying for an internship at KAL, as you will gain invaluable experience for your career ahead of you. 

- Tarini Athukorala (Undergraduate student)


My internship at KAL has totally exceeded all my expectations. There was huge opportunity to learn how software works in the real world, and I gained massive experience and now feel comfortable working in areas I admittedly found daunting  to begin with. This wouldn’t have been possible without the lovely people who work here and the support they provide their interns and colleagues.  KAL is a great place to work and learn and I would 100% recommend KAL to anybody!

- Alexander Wilson (Undergraduate student)


During this 4 months at KAL I had opportunity to work on challenging and interesting projects. I have met fantastic, friendly and skilled people that helped me to increase my skills and confidence. KAL gave me an opportunity to continue developing my passion and I could work with technologies that I like most. I am also glad that I have been offered a permanent position that I have accepted.

- Damian Bozewicz (Undergraduate student)


During my three month internship at KAL I’ve worked on both internal tools and customer projects. This exposure has helped greatly with my coding skills; now I’m much more confident in facing any challenges ahead. I have met a lot of skilled and friendly people from KAL branches all over the world, and it’s been a pleasure to work in such a supportive environment. I am very glad I have been offered the opportunity to continue my work at KAL as a term-time intern!

- Bianca Burtoiu (Undergraduate student)


My internship at KAL has provided an amazing opportunity to further my software engineering skills in a real work environment, working on real projects that matter. The office is full of friendly employees who are happy to lend a hand and answer questions. I’m sure that everything I’ve learnt at KAL will be invaluable to furthering my career, and would encourage anyone who’s enthusiastic about software engineering to apply.

- Adam McDevitt (Undergraduate student)


How to apply for the KAL scholarship and bursary schemes


To find out how to apply for a KAL bursary or scholarship, contact the University of Edinburgh’s Scholarships and Financial Support Team on 0131-651 4070 or by email at studentfunding@ed.ac.uk

By submitting your CV to KAL you confirm that you have read the KAL Information Notice for Applicants


Apply for an internship at KAL


You can find out more about KAL internship opportunities by submitting an enquiry to interns@kal.com


KAL sponsors Edinburgh University School of Informatics football team


Of course, going to university isn’t only about academic learning. Making new friends and enjoying new experiences are equally important parts of university life. That’s why KAL is delighted to be a sponsor of Informatics Football, which is open to all students and staff in the School of Informatics, from complete beginners to competitive players.


KAL edinburgh football team 2017 2018


KAL’s support of Informatics Sport has been influential for many generations of Informatics students spanning the past decade. Three years ago, I took over as the Informatics Football Club captain. In that time, we have won the intramural league and grown to have over 50 members spread across multiple 5 and 11 a side teams. More recently, Informatics Sport has grown to include a mixed hockey team who also compete intramurally wearing KAL branded kits.

- Johnny Mullen (Team Captain, Informatics FC)

Johnny Mullen


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