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The headache of ATM hardware upgrades for banks

In January 2020, banks faced the enforced upgrade to Windows 10 and the expense and complexity of yet again upgrading their ATM software and hardware. And worst of all, it’s only a stopgap until the next upgrade comes along.  The scale of the problem is one that the ATM industry can't ignore:


3.5 million

ATMs worldwide

atm hypervisor1

of banks say their ATMs are still running on Windows 7 or previous OS system

atm hypervisor1

of banks plan to migrate to Windows 10

atm hypervisor3

Source: 2018 ATM and Self-Service Software Trends report, published by ATM Marketplace and KAL


Kalignite Hypervisor — a game-changing solution

This solution from KAL, supported by Red Hat, solves the long-standing problem of enforced ATM hardware upgrades.

It uses OS-Virtualization technology to decouple the ATM PC-core from the ATM operating system. This means software drivers that are unsupported under new Windows operating system versions will now be supported by the hypervisor software drivers instead.



Solving a billion-dollar problem for banks

Upgrading ATM hardware is a huge cost for the industry. But for only €100 per ATM per annum, Kalignite Hypervisor enables banks to:


Run Windows 10 on current ATM hardware

Migrate to Windows 10 without the cost of hardware changes


Remain PCI-compliant

No unsupported software in the ATM means no risk of regulatory non-compliance


Choose when to upgrade the PC-core

No more enforced hardware upgrades caused by Windows upgrades


Escape the limitations of legacy hardware

Always run the latest software


Future-proof the ATM

Manage the increasingly fast OS release cycles that will come into play when Microsoft introduces its new LTSC and SAC packages for Windows 10


Focus on customer features

Freedom to concentrate on delivering new functionality and better customer experience

What our customers say

We were concerned at having to upgrade our hardware so soon after the XP-W7 upgrade and we are really happy that virtualization provides us with an alternative option. ATM virtualization was a very natural idea for us as it builds upon a long-term Česká concept within the infrastructure area – virtualization is our strategy already and ATMs were the exception.

Jiří Charousek, IT Infrastructure & Operations Director, Česká spořitelna


The next steps

Kalignite Hypervisor is available directly from KAL or via the bank’s own ATM solution vendor.

Get in touch

Break free from ATM hardware upgrades. Contact KAL today at hypervisor.sales@kal.com

To learn more about OS-Virtualization, click here to read the whitepaper.


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