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The base platform for creating functionally-rich ATM applications

The Kalignite Platform lies at the heart of all Kalignite applications. It provides the base platform needed to build multivendor applications for ATMs and kiosks. It is this platform that makes applications truly hardware-agnostic.

It supports all versions of XFS and provides a stable API that abstracts hardware capabilities at the highest possible level even when using mixed XFS versions.

In addition, it provides a range of management features such as tracing, monitoring, software distribution and security lockdown.

The Kalignite Platform is ideal for customers who wish to develop their own applications from the ground up without using KAL’s pre-built applications such as K3A or Kalignite NDC.

Key benefits

Kalignite Platform provides customers with the following benefits:


Card image cap

XFS abstraction

Manage hardware vendor’s XFS platforms

Card image cap

Reduced costs

A single development environment for all ATM types and all kiosk types

Card image cap

Maximum uptime

Built-in hardware error management

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Rapid troubleshooting

Built-in analysis tools including hardware simulators and automated testing tools

Key features

Kalignite Platform provides the following key features:

  • A development and runtime environment for ATMs and kiosks
  • Support for all hardware device types and ATM types with an extensive range of hardware capabilities, including:
    • Cash dispensing and cash deposits
    • Cash and coin recycling
    • Bundled check and single check deposits
    • Passbooks
    • Card readers, pinpads, display devices, TTUs and printers
    • Security devices such as skimmers, alarms, sensors and cameras
  • Built-in analysis, support and test tools
  • Hardware simulators and integrated tools
  • Performance monitoring and remote software distribution
  • Support for all versions of XFS: 2.0, 2.05, 2.06, 2.07, 3.0, 3.01, 3.02, 3.03, 3.10, 3.20, 3.30 and soon 3.40, 4.00

The Kalignite software suite

The Kalignite software suite integrates with and controls ATM networks that vary widely in complexity, size and location.

Here’s where Kalignite Platform sits in the suite:


Get in touch

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