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Achieve greater visibility, knowledge and control of your ATMs

KAL’s KTC is a complete and fully integrated ATM management system that gives banks a single, consolidated view of their ATM network, regardless of the number of different types of hardware running on it.

Key benefits

KTC provides a complete view of the operational status of every device and component on the network – resetting, restoring, managing and updating them when needed.

KTC offers banks the following benefits:



Card image cap

Maximum availability

Remotely monitors and controls self-service systems so that they are always up to date and available. Information is gathered in real time for a complete and accurate view.

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Reduced costs

Eliminates unnecessary site visits by maintenance staff. Remote diagnostics identify problems quickly and cost efficiently and remote actions allow fixes to be done without an engineer present.

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Remote software management

Increases banks’ competitive advantage with the ability to remotely and immediately refresh their entire network with new software

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Stronger security

Maintains the security and integrity of the network by automatically distributing and installing security patches. Manages the Kalignite Security Lockdown.

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Better customer experience

Improves the customer’s ATM experience with support for customer preferences

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Operational improvements

Delivers operational improvements as well as automated retrieval and management of Electronic Journal files


Key features

KTC provides banks with the following key features:

  • Hardware and software monitoring
  • Distribution of all software including the load image plus all subsequent updates (patches, updates, hot fixes, etc.)
  • Remote diagnostics and remote control, including reset and reboot
  • Security management including all passwords
  • Marketing campaign management
  • ATM configuration management
  • Scheduling of all KTC activities
  • Management information reporting
  • Asset management
  • Ticket management, including creation, escalation and notification

The Kalignite software suite

The Kalignite software suite integrates with and controls ATM networks that vary widely in complexity, size and location.

Here’s where KTC sits in the suite:

kalignite runtime diagram ktc

Get in touch

If you are interested in buying KTC, please contact us and we’ll get in touch soon.