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Improving the end customer experience and cutting costs

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China Everbright Bank is a leading national commercial bank with a network of 5,400 ATMs of 17 different models, made by six different manufacturers.

The challenge: Provide a single ATM software solution to run CEB's self-service network. Improve operational efficiency, cut costs and enhance the end customer experience.

Project requirements

Deliver a common user interface with a consistent 'look and feel' across the ATM network. Previously, CEB suffered from different user interfaces on different machines and applications, which led to:

  • Frustrated customers, damaging the bank's reputation
  • Increased operational costs — multiple software versions, continual upgrades, repeated development, testing and piloting
  • Lack of efficient management controls with frequent problems

The solution

KAL's multivendor Kalignite Platform was successfully rolled onto CEB's self-service network in eight months with the help of KAL's local development partner, Zijin Technology.

One common ATM software environment has enabled CEB to boost its self-service channel business and make operations much more efficient. Today, CEB's average operating availability for cash machines is +98%.

Key project outcomes

  • A uniform and consistent user experience across all brands and types of ATMS — user interfaces, business processes, operational rules and receipts were all unified
  • Common operational rules and controls for journal management, software distribution, remote monitoring and more make network administration much more manageable and efficient
  • CEB's IT team now develops and tests updates for one single software application rather than many. Reduced deployment time for updates and enhancements has meant a far quicker response time for dealing with other problems
  • The ability to update the ATM software remotely enables head office to distribute new ATM features overnight
  • Centralised remote ATM monitoring has enhanced troubleshooting of hardware issues
  • Information about hardware status, cash boxes, captured cards etc., is now all remotely monitored in real-time
  • The single ATM software platform gives CEB greater freedom of choice for all hardware purchases
  • CEB can take full advantage of high quality, multi-media advertising at the ATM

Awarded 'Best Financial IT Project' by China's Financial IT Forum. Quick, excellent and economical are the words that best describe the project. Deployment to all branch ATMs was completed in less than 8 months.

Ms. Zhou Yili, Deputy General Manager of E-Banking Department, China Everbright Bank

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More about China Everbright Bank

CEB is now considered the pioneer for multivendor ATM networks in China. The project has run smoothly for more than five years and CEB has benefitted significantly from business growth through the ATM technical development. The success of the ATM project has delivered a strong platform for the development of CEB's entire self-service channel.