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ATM Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

Your customers are focused on the ATM screen every time they use its services. What could be better than introducing them to your bank’s new and existing offerings via full-featured, tailored, multimedia screen ATM advertising while they do so?

There is no need to compromise on your design or branding objectives. Marketing campaign image screens and locations will differ from one ATM application to another. ATM screen layouts can be set to change dynamically and KAL’s latest ATM advertising software allows you to test everything before it goes live.

KAL K3A Campaign Creator Tool

The KAL K3A Campaign Creator Tool is a standalone application which enables the marketing team to create marketing campaigns. These campaigns can be installed on ATMs using KTC. Campaigns are created using multi-functional templates.

Exploit the full potential of ATM advertising by choosing a tool that:

  • Creates marketing templates
  • Creates marketing campaigns
  • Activates marketing campaigns
  • Tests marketing campaigns