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ATM functionality

As the world’s leading independent provider of ATM software solutions, KAL’s products operate at the highest possible levels of functionality, from hardware-independent software to multiple language capabilities. We are the front-runners of ATM software technology and provide banking solutions for countries all over the world and operate on a wide variety of ATM models.

ATM functionality for complex networks

As well as remote and hardware-independent functionality, KAL’s powerful and comprehensive ATM software suite powers multi-territory, multilingual, multi-regulatory networks around the world. KAL has always been at the forefront of developing ATM technology, with a vast number of world firsts over the past 20 years. Most recently KAL’s products were the first in the world to be”Windows ready” – just one week after the banking industry announced that it would switch from Windows XP to Windows 7. In addition, KAL is the only ATM software platform in the world to be certified on all of the major ATM manufacturers in every region of the globe.

Providers of innovative ATM technology

KAL is also a pioneer of the cashless ATM – the Retail Teller Machine (RTM). This technology will allow people in remote areas to access their banks with ease and - running at one-tenth the cost of a standard ATM – will provide banks with a cost-effective way of interacting with customers. Find out more about KAL’s groundbreaking work in KAL World Firsts.