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Česká spořitelna becomes the first Czech bank to support cardless cash withdrawals via QR code

Česká spořitelna’s ATM network now supports transactions via QR code – providing customers with a ‘cardless’ approach to withdrawing cash. This pioneering accomplishment marks the first of its kind in the Czech Republic.

QR code cash withdrawal

How does Česká spořitelna’s latest cash withdrawal solution work?

The self-service solution works by integrating KAL’s world-class ATM software with Česká spořitelna’s mobile banking application (called ‘George’).

Each ATM in the network displays a ‘home’ screen featuring a unique QR code that identifies the ATM and the local time. After logging into the ‘George’ app and submitting a withdrawal request, the customer approaches an ATM within 15 minutes, scans the QR code and immediately receives their banknotes – without inserting their ATM card or entering their PIN number.

What’s happening behind the scenes?

Behind the scenes, a secure virtual payment card is automatically generated to support the cash withdrawal request. ‘George’ and KAL’s KTH authenticate the customer and authorize the transaction in real time. Once authorized, the ATM completes the dispensing process, and the customer collects their cash. To conclude, the ATM sends an update to ‘George’, confirming the successful withdrawal of the requested banknotes.

David Novotny, Product Owner of Squads ATM Network and ATM SW Innovations at Česká spořitelna, recently shared the news on LinkedIn:

‘We got it! We are the first bank in the Czech Republic that allows cash withdrawals from our ATMs via QR code. No touching the ATM, forgotten bank cards or PINs’, he confirmed. ‘It’s safe and fast! You can even prepare a QR withdrawal in advance (for example, when travelling on public transport) and spend only a few seconds at the ATM.’

The benefits of cardless cash withdrawals

As the world becomes increasingly digitized and more financial tasks are performed on a self-service basis, it’s vital for banks to provide customers with seamless experiences. With cardless cash withdrawals, banks can enhance their mobile apps and ATMs with advanced functionality, creating an essential bridge between physical and digital banking.

Withdrawing money from ATMs via QR code provides customers with:

  • Rapid, secure access to cash
  • A convenient alternative to using physical bank cards and PINs
  • The ability to prepare cash withdrawals in advance - minimizing the time spent at the ATM
  • A modern and innovative experience

By implementing this technology, Česká spořitelna is paving the way for faster and more convenient ATM transactions throughout the Czech Republic.